Roses in the garden

This is the Portland Rose Garden managed by the Portland Rose Society.

Planting a rose in a Colorado garden. Roses do great in Front Range Colorado, partially due to the dryness of the air which discourages the fungal diseases you see in eastern roses like black spot.  You just need to ensure you have your clays well mixed with organic matter to create space for air and… Continue reading Roses in the garden

Take the pressure off bees, ban Neonicotinoids.

A bee visiting my shasta daisies in June 2012

It was only a year ago that spring brought the wonderful lazy sound of bees browsing the morning’s display of catmint and dandelions.   This year, with a wet cold spring, only a few made it to the blooming of the catmint, and fewer yet remain.   We had at least one late freeze and a wet… Continue reading Take the pressure off bees, ban Neonicotinoids.

A mum to remember

Made for a gorgeous boquet

    Do you ever wonder where florists get the flowers they use?     Ever since my husband bought me this bouquet, I’ve wanted to find a green mum. One place to find green is Kings Mums Although none have the mint / lime green this one has, I do like the variety Killeen.  … Continue reading A mum to remember

Open Days Denver 2012

View towards the rock garden

This year my friend Brenda and I visited three of the five private Denver area gardens that were open to the public for the day.  Each visit was $5 per  person collected to support  Garden Conservancy projects that have helped preserve over 90 American gardens. Each garden was a site to behold, the work and… Continue reading Open Days Denver 2012

Plant Wishlist

Plants to think about: Spring blooming Iris danfordiae dwarf iris Early Summer blooming Veronica Spicata ‘Sunny Border Blue’ Roses Franchesca English Miss Cherry Parfait Deep Secret FRAU KARL DRUSCHKI MORNING HAS BROKEN MAGNIFICENT PERFUME rosa ‘bonica’ rosa ‘the fairy’ Mr. Lincoln Long tall Sally Blue Girl Rose   Tips on Roses Plant root stock 1″… Continue reading Plant Wishlist