Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi

Kinnikinnick or Bearberry  arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Sp,DM,D,N) 6″ – 1′ H Native Mountain Groundcover with Late spring flowers in white and Pink in mats created by rhizomes. Full Sun – Part Sun Requires Acidic Soils Light soils, Sand, Loam, Gravel Moisture: Dry Host Plant to  butterflies Attracts hummingbirds Kinnikinnick is a pine forest staple.  In the… Continue reading Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi

Cerastium Tomentosum – Snow in Summer

Cerastium Tomentosum Snow in Summer European native Considered a short-lived perennial, that is easy to propagate with cuttings and will easily reseed itself if not sheared after blooming. Size: 4-6″ (height x 15-18″ wide Growth rate, habit: slow, upright arching clump Foliage: Silvery gray wooly leaves, evergreen Flowers:   Small white blooms with yellow centers  … Continue reading Cerastium Tomentosum – Snow in Summer

Geum triflorim – Prairie Smoke

Geum triflorum Pursh Old man’s whiskers/ Prairie Smoke 3″ x 6″h (seed head) Blooms: Spring Bloom Water/Drainage Dry to medium Soil Type: Sand, Sand loam Called a Versitale plant for the rock garden. It has 3 season interest and you might be lucky to see a bumble-bee! I have not seen one in more than… Continue reading Geum triflorim – Prairie Smoke

Exuberance to the point of annoyance. O Datura

The datura in my yard is the migrant of a desert plant from my old neighbor Lil.  Her datura’s seeds made their way north along the rock border towards my yard and I took a spike of seeds for myself.   Since then daturas have been part of the driest areas of my garden. Datura wrighti  also… Continue reading Exuberance to the point of annoyance. O Datura

Groundcovers for Jen

  Low Groundcovers Creeping Jenny   Evergreen Blue Juniper Junierpus horizontalis ‘Wiltonii’ (Blue Rug Juniper)   Thyme   Shade Plant – Sweet Woodruf Medium Groundcovers Hardy Plumbago spreads 24 – 36″

New plants in 2017

I am left with so little time these days its hard to keep up with watering new plants nevermind documenting their introduction! But what would a plant list be if their incomplete Additions: Hakone Grass Lady Fern Sedum Sunsparkler Cornus Canadensis (bunchberry) Arborvitae North Pole Rasberry Anne Fall bearing Rasberry Joan J Fall bearing Rasberry… Continue reading New plants in 2017

Golden Creeping Jenny Bloom

Lysimachia nummularia in bloom

Who knew Lysimichia nummulaira ‘Aurea’ bloomed?   What a lovely bloom it is! Well I suppose you would if you read about it on Wikipedia, you wouldn’t have known looking at my garden!  For as long as mine has been happily growing under a silver maple it had never bloomed until this year.  A year of… Continue reading Golden Creeping Jenny Bloom