Oligoneuron rigidum – Stiff goldenrod

Oligoneuron rigidum Stiff Goldenrod (F,DM,A,A) 3 – 5 ft H x 2 – 3 ft W. Flat-topped yellow flower clusters in late summer. Multi-stemmed with long basal leaves and progressively shorter lanced shaped leaves near the crown. Hairy leaves (pubescent) feel velvety to the touch and have a nice sheen. Leaves may turn red in… Continue reading Oligoneuron rigidum – Stiff goldenrod

Monarda fistulosa – Wild Bergamot

Monarda fistulosa Wild Bergamot, Beebalm (Sf,DM,A,N) 2 – 4 ft H x 2 – 3 ft W. Spider-like lavender blooms in late summer on single flowering stocks. Great plant to bring in wildlife. Blooms:  Late Summer to early fall  (Sf) Moisture: Dry to Medium  (DM) Soil Type: All soil types when local ecotype is available… Continue reading Monarda fistulosa – Wild Bergamot

Dianthus cuttings

In my garden I have  4 Dianthus gratianapolitanus  ‘Cheddar Pink’ on a mound with good drainage.  An herbaceous perennial with deep pink flowers float over a lovely grayish green leaves, they form nice clumps of evergreen ground cover.   These incredibly spicy clove scented flowers bloom in early summer.  herbaceous – an annual or perennial… Continue reading Dianthus cuttings

Fall is near, it’s time to reflect on planting

Sheri Hagwood, hosted by the USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

When I look about the garden I see a lot of finished projects for the first time in a long time. This year’s been very productive. Not only have I found a few plants that are beneficial to both birds and me, I have found a new sense of appreciation for maintenance, the test of… Continue reading Fall is near, it’s time to reflect on planting

Eriogonum Umbellatum

Sulphur Buckwheat Eriogonum umbellatum (Su,D,RS,N)   A colorado native Full sun Rocky slopes, shallow sandy soils Moisture: Dry Host Plant to lupine blue butterfly Sulphur-flower buckwheat is a native, low-growing, woody perennial in the buckwheat family (Polygonaceae). The plant typically forms low, broad mats with individual clumps ranging from 4 inches to 2 ft (but… Continue reading Eriogonum Umbellatum

Geum triflorim – Prairie Smoke

Geum triflorum Pursh Old man’s whiskers/ Prairie Smoke 3″ x 6″h (seed head) Blooms: Spring Bloom Water/Drainage Dry to medium Soil Type: Sand, Sand loam Called a Versitale plant for the rock garden. It has 3 season interest and you might be lucky to see a bumble-bee! I have not seen one in more than… Continue reading Geum triflorim – Prairie Smoke

Gaillardia being tested in Sandy soil.

I chose a number of different sites around Grandma’s house for spreading gaillardia seed. I need to head back up to see if I see any seedlings. They’re supposed to get taproots that will help establish them for summer. Side yard and gallery Some ideas are they planned garden. 3 rows of sascaton grasses. In… Continue reading Gaillardia being tested in Sandy soil.

Groundcovers for Jen

  Low Groundcovers Creeping Jenny   Evergreen Blue Juniper Junierpus horizontalis ‘Wiltonii’ (Blue Rug Juniper)   Thyme   Shade Plant – Sweet Woodruf Medium Groundcovers Hardy Plumbago spreads 24 – 36″