Nicotiana sylvestris – Annual

Nicotiana sylvestris (Su,M,LC,XA) Night-scented tobacco 24″ tall x 12 – 36″ spread, mounded with bright leaves and white summer blooms from June to October. An annual in Colorado, it’s native to the Andes region in Argentina and Bolivia, in South America. Blooms:  Summer  (Su) Moisture: Medium  (M) Soil Type: Loam and Clay (LC) Range: Non-Native… Continue reading Nicotiana sylvestris – Annual

Gaillardia being tested in Sandy soil.

I chose a number of different sites around Grandma’s house for spreading gaillardia seed. I need to head back up to see if I see any seedlings. They’re supposed to get taproots that will help establish them for summer. Side yard and gallery Some ideas are they planned garden. 3 rows of sascaton grasses. In… Continue reading Gaillardia being tested in Sandy soil.

Exuberance to the point of annoyance. O Datura

The datura in my yard is the migrant of a desert plant from my old neighbor Lil.  Her datura’s seeds made their way north along the rock border towards my yard and I took a spike of seeds for myself.   Since then daturas have been part of the driest areas of my garden. Datura wrighti  also… Continue reading Exuberance to the point of annoyance. O Datura

The Pollinator garden today

Today, I officially joined the Million Pollinator Gardens ranks.   Through initiatives like theirs we can learn how important our small plots of land might sustain the very important neighbors we have that keep our world fruiting. I can’t wait to be a better member of the community of life.    Currently both the Echinacea just started… Continue reading The Pollinator garden today

Pollinator’s Garden – Year 2

Pollinator 07-27-2015

The experimental pollinator garden continued this year but with an El Nino spring.  The usefulness of the growth data gathered remains unknown.  The spring started with three times the normal precipitation that continued through June.  We were then hit with high temperatures and near drought conditions for the remainder of the summer.  While there was… Continue reading Pollinator’s Garden – Year 2

A Treasure Lost? Chatfield Reservoir

    One of my favorite things about the area I live in is the access to natural environments within my community. I learned today that place will be lost perhaps forever. The reallocation of the Chatfield reservoir near my home will inundate large riparian areas and a state park heavily used in the summer… Continue reading A Treasure Lost? Chatfield Reservoir