Colorado Monarchs and IMMP Pilot 2021

Field Site for IMMP Pilot program in Colorado.

Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program 2021 This year I’m volunteering for a cooperative science program aimed at identifying the habitats monarchs use the most. Previous studies have not included the aspects of resource availability, site vegetation inventories, and the resources used. We all know that monarchs use milkweed for larval stages, but adults have needs for… Continue reading Colorado Monarchs and IMMP Pilot 2021

2021 Plant planning homestead

 Silo Garden and Entry Lane Imagine a place to hang out under the shade of the trees,  a silo bar offering up cold beverages while people play cornhole.  This is the silo garden.  To its north end lies a patio with benches and bar stools. To its south a rounded garden of wildflowers and path… Continue reading 2021 Plant planning homestead

Audubon Climate Watch

JANUARY 15 – February 15 Will be participating in the Audubon Climate Watch Program and learning how data collection is completed for study data. Highlights: On 1 day you will do 5 minute counts of species in each of 12 grid areas that are separated by 200 yards.   The following birds are in the study.… Continue reading Audubon Climate Watch

CRP Colorado plains mix for sandy soils

“The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Grasslands is part of the CRP program, a federally funded voluntary program that contracts with agricultural producers so that environmentally sensitive agricultural land is not farmed or ranched, but instead used for conservation benefits.” USDA Farm Service Agency How much is an acre of land? Weld County Local Retailer :… Continue reading CRP Colorado plains mix for sandy soils

How to quantify results of a backyard shift to natives

For this to be a true effort in providing habitat to native pollinators and birds we must be able to identify the species involved as well as quantify the results. What is a measure of success? How many life cycles constitute a stable population? Of course the first goal is to see species the first… Continue reading How to quantify results of a backyard shift to natives

JeffCo Traffic Information

Our days end with ever louder traffic.  Unbeknownst to us, they raise the speed limit and our quiet corner of the world keeps us from hearing our neighbors only a yard away. Its critical to restore balance Seeking a traffic review. Wadsworth is labelled as a parkway alongside our neighborhood.  JeffCo Roadway Plan JeffCo Streets… Continue reading JeffCo Traffic Information

In the Garden, Herbs and Monarda in raised beds to entice butterflies to habitate

Not every wildlife habitat is large.  In fact having a bit of what a little guy needs is nothing more than a few feet of well placed plants, water, and cover. #NofH Converting today’s vege garden to a butterfly’s haven will experiment with 3 kinds of planting. A raised bed in a dry part of… Continue reading In the Garden, Herbs and Monarda in raised beds to entice butterflies to habitate

Native Plant Conference 2019

February 16, 2019  8:30 4:30 Auraria Campus Tivolo Turnhalle Hall. There are things to be learned and great places to be. I will be attending the Colorado Native Plants conference next Saturday. This all day event features keynote speaker from Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. One of my favorite references for pictures of natives and their… Continue reading Native Plant Conference 2019

The garden is alive with natives

endemic (∃) adj.  Prevalent in or peculiar to a particular locality adj.  Ecology Native to or confined to a certain region. n.  Ecology An endemic plant of animal. Our little red headed bird with a pretty yellow chest was here a bit ago. And the hummingbirds are back. I hope the neighbor has really taken… Continue reading The garden is alive with natives