Chores before another spring snow includes potting dahlias

Today is supposed to be 70+ degrees, a perfect time to get some seeds sown and tender perennials potted up to wait for the last frost. The new normal for spring in Colorado includes large swings in temps from 70 to 20 and back again. Only the hardiest plants can take frost on their new… Continue reading Chores before another spring snow includes potting dahlias

Spring clean is not just for the garden beds.

Cosmos in October

Man the older I get. I’ve wasted two and a half hours of my morning looking for earphones. Really, is that the best use of my time? I wander all over never quite organized. Having a greenhouse that keeps all of my seed stuff in one place would be awesome. Right now my incubators are… Continue reading Spring clean is not just for the garden beds.

Vege Garden Planning 2018

Like all things in the world the garden creeps towards entropy without diligent effort. After many years of only needing a bit of cleanup, the raised vegetable beds need maintenance. Replace soil in most beds to remove powdery mildew spores Repair irrigation chewed by varmints Paint fence Replenish mulch But this year I would also… Continue reading Vege Garden Planning 2018

The seedlings are ready, now where’s the garden?

Well I have an excuse, it snowed! Then it cleared.  Then it snowed! Then it cleared. Our last snow fall was May 1.  We got 7.5″ on April 23rd, and some a few days before that and even more before that.  No fruit trees are flowering this year due to the late freeze and my… Continue reading The seedlings are ready, now where’s the garden?

A Mailbox with Charm

Updated mailbox painted with acrylic and protection coated.

Mailboxes are often a forgotten part of the landscape and yet are one of the most visited sites in the yard. My mailbox has been an eyesore for years with its peeling paint and weathered post. I could have gone out and purchased another inexpensive box and left it at that, but the crafty girl… Continue reading A Mailbox with Charm

Spring 2011 To Do List

Bouquet Tulip 'Toronto'

Do you ever marvel at the gardeners who can makeover a section of their garden in a weeks time? I am truly inspired by my neighbor across the street.  Even with MS and age hampering her efforts she has managed to take an ordinary suburban yard with drab shrubs and overgrown ground covers and created… Continue reading Spring 2011 To Do List

Spring clean-up

After a winter wondering if the pain in my hip I endured for months after a long day of bulb planting was worth it, I have to say yes! The daffodils add such a happy vibe to an otherwise drab spring background. I will definitely be adding more color for spring come this fall. So… Continue reading Spring clean-up

Seed Starting 2010

Colorado has a fairly short growing season, so many of the plants that would normally be started outdoors after danger of last spring frost I chose to start indoors. Getting the timing right is always a challenge. If you start too soon, plants will tend to be leggy and will have a hard time adjusting… Continue reading Seed Starting 2010