Allium Cernuum

Allium Cernuum (Nodding Onion) Native to Colorado Can be planted in damp clays 1 -2′ tall pink blooms Best planted in mass   This full sun bulb of the onion family blooms in late summer, Jul to August.  It is good for pollinators and deer resistant.  The delicate blooms vary from white to pink.  If… Continue reading Allium Cernuum

A foreign allium while waiting for natives.

Planting the Rosy Dream allium Native  alternative:  Allium cernuum – good for native bees.  Grow in moist soils . allium-carolinianum is a native of asia – is a lower growing allium standing at 14 -16″  Its light color will look most striking against a darker background.  These bloom from mid-spring until early summer.  April –… Continue reading A foreign allium while waiting for natives.