The Bee Colony Splits

Last year  a bee colony moved into a flicker nest in the silver maple.  I had worried they wouldn’t last over the winter not knowing how deep the hole in the tree was.  So I was happily surprised this year when the hive came to life in spring with so many bees! In early June… Continue reading The Bee Colony Splits

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Need to feed the bees

Syrup in bag with small holes

We went through quite a cold snap in early November, hitting record lows of -14 degrees farenheit.   I don’t know if the bees survived as they have little protection in the flicker’s tree nest. If the y managed to survive the bees may not have enough honey to keep them for the winter. This… Continue reading Need to feed the bees

Can I be a Habitat Hero?

Western Tiger Swallowtail

The other day I was browsing my favorite plant catalog, High Country Gardens and read they have collaborated with Audobon Rockies and Plant Select to participate in the Habitat Hero project aiming to restore bird habitat and promote wildscaping. Lauren Springer Ogden created a pre-planned garden that provides food for birds.  While this garden has… Continue reading Can I be a Habitat Hero?