Is the bumble bee I saw a Bombus Centralis?

I have downloaded the app called iNaturalist that allows any nature observer to log their siting.  If validated, they can become part of research data.  To that end, I tried hard to get pictures for identification, but alas need more than a phone’s camera.  Without confirmation they can only be notes there so i should… Continue reading Is the bumble bee I saw a Bombus Centralis?

Geum triflorim – Prairie Smoke

Geum triflorum Pursh Old man’s whiskers/ Prairie Smoke 3″ x 6″h (seed head) Blooms: Spring Bloom Water/Drainage Dry to medium Soil Type: Sand, Sand loam Called a Versitale plant for the rock garden. It has 3 season interest and you might be lucky to see a bumble-bee! I have not seen one in more than… Continue reading Geum triflorim – Prairie Smoke