Ideas for Dry Laid Flagstone

Lovely spiral found on Pinterest

I can only imagine how long it took to cut each stone to create these gorgeous edges.  Work and picture by Aspengrove Stone Masonry out of Boulder. More likely I will have flagstone that’s more organic with the line between patio and edge blurred by plants. Another artist with stone is Marc Archambault of Hammerhead Stoneworks… Continue reading Ideas for Dry Laid Flagstone

Klingstone Paths a pea gravel remedy?

I have been looking for a solution to the pea gravel pathways in the backyard.  Although I love the look of the pea gravel, as its adds a simply elegant formal element around the grass, the looseness of the material is maddening.   You cannot walk on it, never in bare feet,  and the dogs… Continue reading Klingstone Paths a pea gravel remedy?

Spring clean-up

After a winter wondering if the pain in my hip I endured for months after a long day of bulb planting was worth it, I have to say yes! The daffodils add such a happy vibe to an otherwise drab spring background. I will definitely be adding more color for spring come this fall. So… Continue reading Spring clean-up

Spring plans – backyard

This year I want to keep spending down, yet be able to continue to add to the gardens. I don’t know if the roses planted in the planters will survive this very cold, dry winter.  My boxwoods are showing the affects freeze with yellowing leaves.  They also need more water than I’ve given them, so… Continue reading Spring plans – backyard