Meet Puddles

My 5th dragon looks up cautiously from his perch on an overturned pot.  He stands about 15″ tall and has found shelter next to a hail ravaged Sum and Substance Hosta,  Korean boxwood and my latest planting violas.  I am hoping these viola will reseed… or at least last another good part of this so… Continue reading Meet Puddles

New Garden Art

The wonderful shapes of glass flowers

I have two great new garden art pieces thanks to my very crafty friend Brenda and her mom Jean.  They spent many an hour finding the wonderful glass pieces that went into these glass flowers. Using a glass bottle to house the rebar stem, these beauties light up a shady spot in the afternoon.  … Continue reading New Garden Art

Meet my Dragon

Paws is precious

This is Paws. Isn’t he the most special sweetest garden ornament you’ve seen? My friend Brenda agrees.  So I will be heading out to a new nursery, Creek Side Gardens, to buy Brenda her very own. He will look especially at home once I get the annuals planted.  What a treasure.