The seedlings are ready, now where’s the garden?

Well I have an excuse, it snowed! Then it cleared.  Then it snowed! Then it cleared. Our last snow fall was May 1.  We got 7.5″ on April 23rd, and some a few days before that and even more before that.  No fruit trees are flowering this year due to the late freeze and my… Continue reading The seedlings are ready, now where’s the garden?

Seeds 2013

Seeds for 2013 Vegetable Started Germinate Days to Harvest Harvest Notes Tomato – Black Krim 18-Mar 7 to 10 style=’mso-spacerun:yes’> 70 Few tomatoes but tasty!! Tomato – Fresh Salsa 18-Mar 7 to 10 65-75 Literally hundreds of them! Tomato – Mortgage Lifter 18-Mar 7 to 10 83-90 Took too long nothing harvested. Brussel Sprouts –… Continue reading Seeds 2013

First Square Garden – Lessons

Zuchinni after two weeks oil treatment

This year was quite a good year for learning in my first square foot garden.  Having so many lessons also means having little yield.  But I would rather learn many lessons in a single year than struggle for years to come. Today is Day 70 Lesson 1.  More Sun  Veges other than leaf varieties really… Continue reading First Square Garden – Lessons