Back Yard Plant List

The plants I track in my Colorado garden. Zone: 5 Light: 2020 – 30% sun, 35% part-shade, 35% shade. Looking out my patio I face northwest and the majority of the yard is shaded by numerous trees throughout the day.  A large maple was removed in 2019 at the southwestern edge that has created more… Continue reading Back Yard Plant List

Liatris Punctata – dotted blazing star

Liatris Punctata Dotted blazing star Size: 1-2ft (height- when flowering) x 1ft wide Growth rate, habit: upright singular or clusters of stems with seed heads at the top. Foliage: Thin light green leaves around the stem. To form a bushier plant, cut back or mow during growing season. Flowers:   6″ tall pink to lavender… Continue reading Liatris Punctata – dotted blazing star