Back Yard Plant List

The plants I track in my Colorado garden. Zone: 5 Light: 2020 – 30% sun, 35% part-shade, 35% shade. Looking out my patio I face northwest and the majority of the yard is shaded by numerous trees throughout the day.  A large maple was removed in 2019 at the southwestern edge that has created more… Continue reading Back Yard Plant List

Front Yard Plant List

Front plants as seen in 2011

The plants I grow in my Colorado garden.  First published: Dec 29, 2011 @ 17:28 Zone: 5 Area: Front Yard Light:  The front yard faces southeast and is shaded by a large silver maple on the Northeast corner.  Along a strip next to the driveway I get 6+ hours of sun, but the majority of the… Continue reading Front Yard Plant List

What’s in a Name – Buchner in Botany

Flowers bearing the name Buchner

Today I come across flowers containing the Buchner family name. Could I grow these in a Colorado garden?     Genus Buchnera — a plant genus inthe Orobanchaceae family also known as  broomrape.  This genus was recently moved from the Scrophulariaceae family, also known as the figwort family. The Orobanchaceae family are predominantly parasitic plants using the… Continue reading What’s in a Name – Buchner in Botany