A patio by the pond

Where better to sit than next to a pond? With the drum of spilling water drowning the drone of man’s machinery. The original plan for the patio included a dark gray breeze (small rock chip) base material next to a dry, white boulder pond. A contrast of dark and light, a modified Taijitu. ☯ Using… Continue reading A patio by the pond

Backyard To-Do List 2009

The backyard only needs smaller – but as always, labor intensive work to get the yard ready for another year. 32 hours   Brick pathway outline – COMPLETE 04 hours   Patio raised beds — COMPLETE 01 hours   Filling low spots in grass 03 hours   Trim Apple Tree 2010 03 hours   Weed patrol — COMPLETE 20 hours  … Continue reading Backyard To-Do List 2009