Planting Prunus persica ‘Redhaven’ peach

Planting Date:  3/8/2021 The nursery near me had 3 varieties of semi-dwarf peach trees.  My desires are pretty general.  I want a delicious peach that can reliably ripen before a frost (as early as early September) and one that is hardy. Prunus persica hails from an intermountain region of China, in the province on Nanjing. … Continue reading Planting Prunus persica ‘Redhaven’ peach

Back Yard Plant List

The plants I track in my Colorado garden. Zone: 5 Light: 2020 – 30% sun, 35% part-shade, 35% shade. Looking out my patio I face northwest and the majority of the yard is shaded by numerous trees throughout the day.  A large maple was removed in 2019 at the southwestern edge that has created more… Continue reading Back Yard Plant List

Peaches get a buzz cut for spring – espalier no more?

Spring weather dictates what winter imaginings are actually done. This weekend was balmy. Sixty degree temps rid us of the last February snow. It was a good time for trimming the 4 year old peach trees.  The days of training into an espalier are gone.  If I had found Ian Sturrock’s video on espalier earlier,… Continue reading Peaches get a buzz cut for spring – espalier no more?