Back Yard Plant List

The plants I track in my Colorado garden. Zone: 5 Light: 2020 – 30% sun, 35% part-shade, 35% shade. Looking out my patio I face northwest and the majority of the yard is shaded by numerous trees throughout the day.  A large maple was removed in 2019 at the southwestern edge that has created more… Continue reading Back Yard Plant List

Another powdery mildew victim

Powdery mildew — an ever present danger in Colorado gardens. To battle it on a peony I am trying a top coat of a mouthwash solution. Paeonia ‘Dr Alexander Fleming’ 9/4/2016 powdery mildew. 30% solution mouthwash applied to leaves.  Trimmed lower leaves. 11/1/2016  Update The mouthwash treatment kept mildew at bay for a couple weeks,… Continue reading Another powdery mildew victim

Lovely Peonies

Peony 2011

Colorado is a great place to grow peonies.  They are hardy as long as you give them some winter watering.  This double pink ‘Nick Shaylor’ (as I have decided it is). I know summer is about to arrive when my peonies make their yearly appearance.  In my yard most blooms run about a week to… Continue reading Lovely Peonies

Pretty Peonies

I can’t believe I never thought of cutting my gorgeous peonies and making a bouquet.  In the garden they are often flopped over and go unseen.  I have yet to come up with large enough stakes to hold them all. Peonies are fast becoming my favorite cut flower! These beauties are just a few of the… Continue reading Pretty Peonies