Experiments in permaculture with microclimates in a suburban yard

This year saw unintended permaculture experiments, and one in the making. I never installed the replacement soaker hoses in the flower bed.  Instead of trying to salvage what couldn’t tolerate the semi-arid conditions it became another experiment in conservation.  Next spring I will take inventory of what comes back. I do not intend to water… Continue reading Experiments in permaculture with microclimates in a suburban yard

Seeds 2013

Seeds for 2013 Vegetable Started Germinate Days to Harvest Harvest Notes Tomato – Black Krim 18-Mar 7 to 10 style=’mso-spacerun:yes’> 70 Few tomatoes but tasty!! Tomato – Fresh Salsa 18-Mar 7 to 10 65-75 Literally hundreds of them! Tomato – Mortgage Lifter 18-Mar 7 to 10 83-90 Took too long nothing harvested. Brussel Sprouts –… Continue reading Seeds 2013

Square Foot Garden – Irrigation and Planting!

After building boxes, installing beds, and making soil we finally got to plant the square foot plan I created.  As with all plans, adjustments were made to better accommodate the plants I had and the irrigation I convinced my husband Mike to create. Irrigation Originally Mike envisioned spray heads at each corner of the beds.  I thought this might… Continue reading Square Foot Garden – Irrigation and Planting!

Seed Starting 2010

Colorado has a fairly short growing season, so many of the plants that would normally be started outdoors after danger of last spring frost I chose to start indoors. Getting the timing right is always a challenge. If you start too soon, plants will tend to be leggy and will have a hard time adjusting… Continue reading Seed Starting 2010