Garden 2019 native plants to convert the lawn

My lawn is no longer sustainable in its current form.  Not because its not beautiful or healthy with the additional water.   Its just that. water.  Denver is not considering the concrete jungle its creating.  Density is thirsty. Its replacement must be maintenance sustainable. The ease of lawn mowing is overstated.  Unless you move to a… Continue reading Garden 2019 native plants to convert the lawn

The Pollinator garden today

Today, I officially joined the Million Pollinator Gardens ranks.   Through initiatives like theirs we can learn how important our small plots of land might sustain the very important neighbors we have that keep our world fruiting. I can’t wait to be a better member of the community of life.    Currently both the Echinacea just started… Continue reading The Pollinator garden today

Need to feed the bees

Syrup in bag with small holes

We went through quite a cold snap in early November, hitting record lows of -14 degrees farenheit.   I don’t know if the bees survived as they have little protection in the flicker’s tree nest. If the y managed to survive the bees may not have enough honey to keep them for the winter. This… Continue reading Need to feed the bees