Roses in the garden

This is the Portland Rose Garden managed by the Portland Rose Society.

Planting a rose in a Colorado garden. Roses do great in Front Range Colorado, partially due to the dryness of the air which discourages the fungal diseases you see in eastern roses like black spot.  You just need to ensure you have your clays well mixed with organic matter to create space for air and… Continue reading Roses in the garden

Back Yard Plant List

The plants I track in my Colorado garden. Zone: 5 Light: 2020 – 30% sun, 35% part-shade, 35% shade. Looking out my patio I face northwest and the majority of the yard is shaded by numerous trees throughout the day.  A large maple was removed in 2019 at the southwestern edge that has created more… Continue reading Back Yard Plant List

How changing the gardens contents can change its vitality

The Going Native journey is not a statement. It’s not political, not artistic, not religious. It’s a journey by steps towards the best habitat I can create. It’s the new age ideal, ‘we are everything, and everything is us’, brought back to the physical.  It’s finding pure balance in the nature I create. But it’s… Continue reading How changing the gardens contents can change its vitality

Portland Rose Garden

LATE SEPTEMBER! Can you imagine?

Portland, the city of roses. Did you know that in 1905 Portland had over 200 miles of roads lined with roses? International Rose Garden We visited in late September. Not the best time of year for a rose garden and was still highly impressed with the variety and health of the garden. Located in Washington… Continue reading Portland Rose Garden