Seeds 2013

Seeds for 2013 Vegetable Started Germinate Days to Harvest Harvest Notes Tomato – Black Krim 18-Mar 7 to 10 style=’mso-spacerun:yes’> 70 Few tomatoes but tasty!! Tomato – Fresh Salsa 18-Mar 7 to 10 65-75 Literally hundreds of them! Tomato – Mortgage Lifter 18-Mar 7 to 10 83-90 Took too long nothing harvested. Brussel Sprouts –… Continue reading Seeds 2013

Gardening in Black and White Continued.

Plants to be moved or removed

Designing for a Colorado garden. Continuation from The Garden in Black and White So the black and white photo of the main flower bed in my backyard has shown room for improvement in terms of defining shapes, plant placement, interesting foliage, and being plainly overcrowded.   Many of my plants are now at their mature… Continue reading Gardening in Black and White Continued.

Seed Starting 2009

Today I started the following seeds in peat pellets. Columbine germinated 3/1  —  4/15 – still have a few plants Dainthus “Maiden Pink” germinated 2/22 —  4/15 all died English Daisy – variety   germinated 2/22 – 4/15 a few alive Shasta Daisy – germinated 2/25 – 4/15 a few alive Four O’clocks – germinated 2/25… Continue reading Seed Starting 2009