Cerastium Tomentosum – Snow in Summer

Cerastium Tomentosum Snow in Summer European native Considered a short-lived perennial, that is easy to propagate with cuttings and will easily reseed itself if not sheared after blooming. Size: 4-6″ (height x 15-18″ wide Growth rate, habit: slow, upright arching clump Foliage: Silvery gray wooly leaves, evergreen Flowers:   Small white blooms with yellow centers  … Continue reading Cerastium Tomentosum – Snow in Summer

Seed Starting 2010

Colorado has a fairly short growing season, so many of the plants that would normally be started outdoors after danger of last spring frost I chose to start indoors. Getting the timing right is always a challenge. If you start too soon, plants will tend to be leggy and will have a hard time adjusting… Continue reading Seed Starting 2010