Square Foot Garden – Soil Mixture

Vege soil mixture

They say to have a great garden you must have great soil. So starting with suggestions of square foot gardeners I created my own soil.  The original recipe called for equal parts compost, vermiculite and peat moss. This mixture turned out to be too light for Colorado heat and dried out too quickly. **Note peat… Continue reading Square Foot Garden – Soil Mixture

Soil Testing

CSU Soil Kit

For the longest time, I was convinced that not having an automatic sprinkler was the main reason I killed plants.  After many years of watching plants shrivel and die I got a new system and ‘oila’ I had plants that thrived like my neighbors. Well no that’s not true.  Many of the plants that needed… Continue reading Soil Testing

When soil is delivered, dump it in the drive.

So here is why you don’t dump soil in the street during a rainy month. BYE BYE DIRT! To add insult to injury – we had to go shovel up the sand and gravel that was left in the gutters after the rains slowed.  Now what to do with the sand….

Topsoil Coverage and other materials

Pioneer Materials Calculator Material coverage estimate = 4″ depth = 45 sq ft – see top soil calculator Total in YARDS = or 9 yards 2009 Total cost = 26.95 x 9 = $236.25 for Jensen’s Planters Mix Front Yard north side of walk = 609 sq’ x 3″ = 5.6 yards south side of… Continue reading Topsoil Coverage and other materials