Planting the Spring Salad

Notice the small flower buds near the lower stems

      Now is the time to plant lettuce, kale, and spinach for a late spring salad. I will be planting these in the sunniest of my raised beds. You can also put out some flowers tolerant of low temperatures down to 32 degrees. Seedlings can be planted now, but its suggested to install a… Continue reading Planting the Spring Salad

Square Foot Gardening: Plant Chart

This will be my first year using the square foot gardening method in Colorado.  I’ve chosen a number of different sized plants to see just how true my resources end up being for plant spacing.  I was surprised to find just how many plants could be added in the small number of raised beds I… Continue reading Square Foot Gardening: Plant Chart

Square Foot Gardening Plan

To best plan our small plot for vegetables, I am learning about square foot gardening. This technique uses the principle of marking coordinates to best utilize a space. Instead of rows that may have two feet of empty space on either side allowing room for weeds to grow, one or more plants are fit into… Continue reading Square Foot Gardening Plan