Summer Garden

I planted the following in 2016 garden: Burpee Pick-a-Bushel cucumber:  harvest 50 days Touchon carrot:  harvest 65 days Green Ice Lettuce – yucky Chioggia beet: 54 days Dwarf blue curled Vates Kale: 55 days Northern Xtra-sweet hybrid sh2 corn: 67 days Habanero : 95 days after transplant! Vegetable spaghetti Winter squash 100 days  Fresh salsa… Continue reading Summer Garden

First Square Garden – Lessons

Zuchinni after two weeks oil treatment

This year was quite a good year for learning in my first square foot garden.  Having so many lessons also means having little yield.  But I would rather learn many lessons in a single year than struggle for years to come. Today is Day 70 Lesson 1.  More Sun  Veges other than leaf varieties really… Continue reading First Square Garden – Lessons