Veges for 2020

Planted cabbage and lettuce outside on 3/17. These will be a complete test but should help me busy in late spring! Indoors trying old seeds to see if any sprout, including beets and Roma tomatoes. Will pick up tomatoes from the person down the street if I can’t find any. In the patch that’s been… Continue reading Veges for 2020

Seeds 2013

Seeds for 2013 Vegetable Started Germinate Days to Harvest Harvest Notes Tomato – Black Krim 18-Mar 7 to 10 style=’mso-spacerun:yes’> 70 Few tomatoes but tasty!! Tomato – Fresh Salsa 18-Mar 7 to 10 65-75 Literally hundreds of them! Tomato – Mortgage Lifter 18-Mar 7 to 10 83-90 Took too long nothing harvested. Brussel Sprouts –… Continue reading Seeds 2013