The garden is recovering well.

Claire Austin Rose in early June.

With a destructive, late spring snowstorm, booked weekends, and rain — the garden is holding its own guite beautifully. Untidy yes, the charm of nature, for sure. Two trees may have to go. Its unfortunate but both will suffer greatly if Emerald Ash comes knocking. We need the trees to have health and be able… Continue reading The garden is recovering well.

Spring 2022 Snowstorm

May 20 I woke to my husband gently shaking me. He’d just surveyed the damage out back. It wasn’t good. And it was still snowing. Every couple minutes a low crack or splat sounded danger. I looked skyward to be sure the noise wasn’t from above and made my way around back. Wow. Of the… Continue reading Spring 2022 Snowstorm

Peaches get a buzz cut for spring – espalier no more?

Spring weather dictates what winter imaginings are actually done. This weekend was balmy. Sixty degree temps rid us of the last February snow. It was a good time for trimming the 4 year old peach trees.  The days of training into an espalier are gone.  If I had found Ian Sturrock’s video on espalier earlier,… Continue reading Peaches get a buzz cut for spring – espalier no more?

Tree Service

Preservation Tree Care 303-797-6143 We had them trim our silver maple and ash tree in the front yard this past fall, and they did an excellent job. They are a little expensive if you want a tree removed, but their expertise in trimming and caring for un-loved trees cannot be surpassed. I will be calling… Continue reading Tree Service

Backyard To-Do List 2009

The backyard only needs smaller – but as always, labor intensive work to get the yard ready for another year. 32 hours   Brick pathway outline – COMPLETE 04 hours   Patio raised beds — COMPLETE 01 hours   Filling low spots in grass 03 hours   Trim Apple Tree 2010 03 hours   Weed patrol — COMPLETE 20 hours  … Continue reading Backyard To-Do List 2009