Inspiring Garden – The Keukenhof


In March 2017 we visited a most inspiring Garden, the Keukenhof Garden near Haarlem Netherlands. It is one of those places you would want to 2 plan your trip around. It’s only open from late March until late May. But wow what a sight. They must plant millions of bulbs. Lucky for me my husband… Continue reading Inspiring Garden – The Keukenhof

Bulbs all planted

Today my mom would have been 73. A good day to plant some bulbs, and I think I will dedicate them to her! I always wonder what kind of garden she would have had if she had been able to bend and get around more easily. Would she have started with a plan, then fill… Continue reading Bulbs all planted

Bulbs to be planted

Did I really buy over a hundred bulbs?  90 Daffodils may suck now, but springs gonna be great!  These will replace the daffodils bulbs I took up and then promptly forgot about when we removed the rose garden. Lets hope this place is the same outfit I got my last bulbs from, I don’t want… Continue reading Bulbs to be planted